Bromine & Intermediates

Great Lakes Solutions is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bromine and bromine intermediates. With access to the world's two main sources of bromine and significant ongoing investment in our bromine ISO tank fleet and maintenance capacity, Great Lakes Solutions is truly a leading global supplier.

Bromine and bromine based intermediates serve as building blocks for developing and engineering highly complex organic molecules that meet specific performance, environmental and quality requirements. Bromine and its intermediates are utilized in many industries including flame retardants, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, butyl rubber, polymers and biocides.  

Innovative Solutions

Our expertise in bromine and bromine based chemicals, both in the lab and in full scale production, is built on a foundation of over 60 years of innovation and continuous improvement. Our state of the art, dedicated technology center is staffed by a growing team of highly experienced scientists skilled in a wide array of synthetic methods and chemical manufacturing processes.

We also operate, multi-purpose, flexible pilot facilities that enable us to readily scale up new products and processes from grams to tonnes before the commitment to full scale production. While primarily focused on providing the highest quality and most reliable bromine and brominated intermediate products, our technology team also provides custom synthesis and process development services to customers seeking a development partner.

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