Greener Innovation

For over fifty years, Great Lakes Solutions has been a leader in innovation and commercialization of flame retardants and bromine derivatives. Driven by emergence of new markets, and the opportunity to introduce new, more sustainable, high performance flame retardant technologies, Innovation is a pillar of our strategy.

Flame retardants have enabled manufacturers of both consumer and industrial products to safely use low cost, versatile plastics, polymer foams and coatings in applications requiring compliance to strict fire safety standards. For nearly a decade, our research and development efforts have focused on the introduction of new flame retardants which are designed to maintain a the same high fire safety performance while exhibiting favorable chemical hazard profiles. Great Lakes Solutions Emerald Innovation™ series of flame retardants are the latest products of our Greener Innovation Strategy™.

We also have expanded our innovation efforts toward industries where our products offer performance, productivity and environmental benefit. For example, our new Geobrom® line of products enable power plants to reduce the emission of mercury from coal combustion.